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In the Langtang valley of Nepal the Tamang tribe, of Tibetans origins, dwells in one living heaven with rebounds of hellish life: Thulo Syafru. 

The village stands on top of a crest that stretches over 4 km from the mouth of Langtang Valley to the foot of the high holly lakes of Goisakunda, at only 30km of Tibet. A remote and still traditional place that could benefit from the leftovers of more touristic trekking spots like Everest or Annapurna. 

April 2015, Nepal became the focal point of global media attention with the publications of photos and videos of the earthquake, collapses, landslides and people in tears panicking. It made a public impression as a concrete example of a helpless nation submitted to the fury of Nature. Quite a paradox for this country envied by the world for its mountains gems: the Himalayas. 

“Sangul” (earthquake in Tamang) shows the recovery efforts of the Tamang community that has found itself in the path of destruction but out of the medias spotlight. The photo series documents the daily life of Tempa & Mingmar over 2 years, deprived of the simplest infrastructures, house, schools or means of subsistence, in a village, Thulo Syafru, facing an uncertain future. An intimate portray of their life. A bare life, where everything else has been taken away, and only the substance remains. 

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